When you come to Elite Consulting with your business, you expect a focus on quality, confidentiality, personal service and attention to details. You expect it delivered by professional people with uncompromising integrity.

Elite Consulting is an independent law firm with a wide global network of partners. As a firm with a global reach, Elite Consulting works across borders and jurisdictions for a variety of international clients. We have created a network of partner offices around the world providing the highest quality service with local support in convenient time zones. Partners in each region offer you access to experienced lawyers advising on the local laws. The service we provide is enhanced by the strong relationships we’ve developed with leading international and domestic law firms in each business center.

Our depth of knowledge in each region frequently provides our clients with a commercial edge and enables us to offer an integrated service for global business initiatives. We work in the legal and corporate services sector, providing a broad range of legal, tax, fiduciary and administrative services to the clients from every corner of the world. Combined with a wide range of expertise in law, tax, fiduciary and trust Elite Consulting is able to offer professional and comprehensive services that are tailored to client requirements.

We distinguish ourselves by being the most responsive and by being dedicated to delivering dynamic and innovative solutions to our clients. We always look to give solutions in a simple and as possible quick way focusing on the needs of each client trying to anticipate the issues before becoming a problem.

Elite Consulting follows the principle of “all in one place”, so that our clients will find a quick, correct and efficient solution to their daily legal and other business issues. This gives us an edge over our competitors as we cover all aspects of the everyday needs of corporate and individual clients.