We assist businesses in developing efficient and effective contractual infrastructures for new and existing products and services. Our lawyers draft and negotiate a wide spectrum of contracts ranging from the routine to the highly complex. With every contract, we seek to accurately reflect the contemplated commercial transaction and to balance risk mitigation with economic opportunity.

Our Commercial Transaction lawyers are supported as appropriate by a tailored mix of lawyers from a variety of practice areas across our global network to address the individual needs of our clients. We respond to each client’s dynamic commercial endeavors by providing prompt access to individuals both in diverse fields of law, from intellectual property to employment law to construction, and in applicable geographic areas. The interdisciplinary nature of our practice provides flexibility to the client and allows us to remain price sensitive.

We are intensely committed to supporting our clients’ commercial activities — the heartbeat of the enterprise. We devote significant effort to in-house training and knowledge-sharing, including the development of model contract forms and provisions, in order to foster best practices in our firm. We believe it is good business to get to know our clients and their industries and to be of assistance not only in large-scale transactions, such as mission-critical outsourcing arrangements and strategic alliances, but also in myriad day-to-day and strategic commercial transactions, such as services contracts, purchase and supply agreements, consignments, research and development efforts, managed services arrangements, licenses, technology transfers, and joint ventures.