Our Private Clients & Trust practice is dedicated to assisting high-net-worth individuals and families with the accumulation, management and transfer of personal wealth, as well as advising the financial institutions that serve these clients. Our services include management and succession planning for closely-held businesses, domestic and international tax planning, corporate finance and restructuring, estate planning and transfer of wealth, estate administration, compensation and retirement planning, fiduciary litigation, and a wide range of services to fiduciaries and charitable organizations.

Elite Consulting focuses on providing a unique solution for each client we serve. We counsel individuals and families throughout their lifetimes as they acquire and accumulate assets, experience life changes, seek to preserve their wealth, and ultimately pass it on to future generations with the most favorable tax consequences possible.

We assist with a wide range of our clients’ personal legal needs, in a sophisticated, comprehensive, and integrated manner. One aspect that distinguishes Elite Consulting is our ability to offer a wide range of legal services in a global environment. Our team meets the needs of our clients wherever they happen to live, work, or own assets.

Elite Consulting advises on all aspects of trust in Cyprus, Guernsey, United Kingdom and other jurisdictions.